Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Myers House

I would like to introduce to you all the Mecca for all fans of the Halloween movies -the Myers House in Hillsborough NC!

This is an actual house, lived in by actual people that has been built as an exact replica (I don't know how they sleep! haha). Better still, the couple who owns the house decorates and opens it up every year around Halloween for visitors!

Though you can make an appointment any time to visit the house they do throw a HUGE bash every year. They host costume and pumpkin contests, screen the Halloween films, and give tours of the house. 

Unfortunately (for me) this year's event takes place on the same night as my party! Oh, well... there's always next year? haha

However, if YOU would like to go see the Myers House for yourself I have provided the address and the times for their BIG BASH October 29th!

The Myers House NC: 3rd Annual Halloween Bash
Starts 6pm and goes until Midnight
1520 Hight Lane, Hillsborough NC 27278

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