Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cleaning Up After Your Halloween Party!

After the Party:

Congratulations! Your party went off without a hitch & everyone had a good time! Now that everyone is a)gone or b)passed out on your couch you can do some light cleaning. I know, I know, it kinda sucks but if you do a litttttle now it will save you some grief tomorrow!

 1) Pack up or put away party foods and trays. Lord knows it's easier to take care of the guacamole dip before it turns into a solid.
2) Try to gather cups and toss drinks. Nothing quite complements the morning after like the smell of sticky punch or warm beer.
3) If you were made aware of any spills make sure to treat them with the proper cleanser. The sooner you catch them, the more luck you'll have in getting them out!
4) Clean up any spills so you don't end up walking on a sticky floor in the morning.

The Morning After:

1) Start Pickin' Up the Joint: designate one trash bag for trash and the other for recyclables and start collecting the leftover plates. Once this is accomplished you would be surprised how accomplished you feel.
2) Walk around and try to identify any spills which you did not notice last night. Treat them quickly so you don't end up with stains!
3) Open the windows! Oftentimes the smell of food, body odor, and smoke from the machine can linger long after the party is over. I like to get some air circulating in the apartment. You can also make copious usage of products like fabric refresher and incense to get your home smelling back to normal.
4) Sprinkle some baking soda or carpet refresher on the carpets, let it sit for 5-10 minutes and then vaccum! These steps also help with the process of de-stinking your home! If you're especially weird about cleaning (like me) clean your hard surface floors as well!
5) Wash some dishes! Seriously, I would pay to have someone do this for me..

Click here or below for some cleaning tips which are cheap, easy, and eco-friendly!

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