Saturday, October 5, 2013

5 Couples Costumes that DON'T SUCK

I'm sure the thought of a "couples costume" has crossed everyone's mind at some point. You or your SO or bestie concoct a plan to coordinate costumes -it would be sooo cool!

These dreams are promptly broken the moment you two step into a costume shop. You roam the aisles desperately with one thought running through your mind, "WHY DO ALL THESE COSTUMES SUCK?!"

Seriously? Your options:
  • Couple pirates? 
  • Some sort of lame reference to the coordination of your genitals?
  • Priest and pregnant nun?
  • Combinations of food stuffs?
Well, never fear!

 A Spooky Soiree Presents: 
5 Couples Costumes that DON'T Suck!

1. Debbie Jellinsky & Fester Adams: Our favorite creepy uncle and the ultimate black widow make for a killer combination. Also, points for 90's nostalgia!

2. Hall and Oates: Come on, just look at that mustache!

3. Pinata and Kid: Who doesn't want an excuse to beat their partner all night?

4. Michonne and Walker(s): With these costumes you two (or three!) will pretty much be the most bad ass people in the room!

5. Wayne and Garth: No list would be complete without this power couple. Yes, it's been done. Yes, you might run into other versions on the street. BUT... it's Wayne and Garth...