Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween DIY: Ghostly Gallons

Halloween DIY: Ghostly (milk) Gallons!


What You'll Need:

a couple clean milk jugs (leave the caps on)
black marker
craft knife or scissors
battery operated tea lights or clear holiday lights


1) Draw a ghostly mouth and a spooky pair of eyes. Tip: keep the cap on the jug while you draw. It will keep you from smooshing the jug and help you draw more accurately. 

2) Remove the cap & cut a small hole in the back of the jug. The hole should be large enough to fit a battery operated tea light. If using holiday lights, the hole should be large enough to stuff a portion of a light string inside.

3) Arrange the jugs where you like and enjoy their ghostly glow! 

Total Cost: $0! 

This project is cheap, easy, and can be enjoyed by anyone! 

If you can't scare up a couple gallon jugs in your home try your local coffee shops. They have a surplus of empty jugs & I'm sure they would be willing to let you have them -good luck!

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