Monday, October 4, 2010

'Tis the Season to Be Spooky!

So all day today I was thinking about what I would like to post on the Spooky Soiree. As I hinted (oh so subtly) in my last post, my halloween costume has arrived. I tried it on & it looks awesome but I didn't want to post any spoilers about it just yet. So then I thought that I could post something about my next project for the party but I figured pictures of craft supplies are neither riveting nor informative so that was out! Then on the way home I heard my first advertisement of the year for one of North Carolina's maaaany haunted houses/corn mazes & voila! I knew what my post would be about today!

As I just mentioned, North Carolina has a large number of really great (and nationally recognized) Halloween and/or autumnal events. What better atmosphere to really engage in the season or to be inspired for your own ghoulish decoration than inside a haunted house or romping through a corn maze?

For this post I've chosen to highlight some of the most highly acclaimed haunts of the season. First up is Ken's Korny Corn Maze. Though they do offer "Horrortainment" on selected nights in October, they specialize in a good old fashioned "family friendly" corn maze! I for one cannot wait to hit this place up this season!

Spooky Woods
Listed in's Top 13 Haunted Houses for 2010. This place has been running for a quarter of a century so you know they've got the scare formula down pat! New this year is their Halloween Zip Line Tour. This ride is supposed to take you over the woods for 3 hours & I'm just really curious how they work the scare factor in! With varied attractions, a live DJ and post-scare concessions I can tell you I'll be making it out there this year! Spooky Woods is located in High Point and admission ranges from $19-$25 depending on the date.

The Woods of Terror
Selected as one of America's Best Haunts (2009). This attraction looks to be subdivided into smaller themed sections which provide scares from clowns, zombies, vampires, undead miners, and even roaches! I always hear great things about the haunts in Greensboro, so no doubt, this place is good! The Woods of Terror are located in Greensboro and admission is $15-$25 depending on the date.

Hacker House
Voted by Haunted Attraction Magazine as one of the 25 Must See Haunts. Looks like it is both an indoor & outdoor experience. Thematically Hacker House has based their scares in local lore & the house itself is actually historic. I also appreciate their FAQ section where they give tips on how to avoid the long lines! Hacker House is located in Pilot Mountain & admission is $15.

Mountain of Terror
Another Haunt which bases itself on local legend, the Mountain depicts the tale of 17 trapped miners who vowed revenge on the town which did not rescue them. What caught my attention about this attraction was that there are 700ft of underground tunnels you must walk through -how unique and spooooky! The Mountain of Terror is located in Asheboro. Admission ranges from $13-$15 BUT!! they only charge $10 for police, fire, and ems workers, & if you are active military you get in FREE. 

I hope that these links will get everyone to get outside and enjoy the activities of the season! Support your local farmers by visiting a corn maze or a pumpkin patch or have a good scare in one of these (or many other) haunted attractions!

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